Mermaid Tears is the New Makeup Trend Perfect for Spring and Summer

If you found yourself stuck at home during this pandemic, one of the things you can do to pass the time and relieve stress is to practice your makeup skills. There are so many looks you can make and the fact that you can’t leave home only leaves you room to experiment with bolder looks. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even adopt a new style by the time this is done!

One of the trends that caught our attention is called “mermaid tears” and it’s a perfect look for spring and summer. We’ve seen it on Instagram profiles of various makeup artists and celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Katie Jane Hughes.

Mermaid tears are a real refreshment when it comes to eye makeup. For years we’ve been stuck with variations of smokey eyes and rarely someone dared to go outside that comfort zone and use colors for everyday wear, not counting photoshoots and special looks for social media. Now we have a truly colorful trend that you can actually wear on a daily basis and it will never be too much. Scroll down to see how it looks!