Marie Bruce Will Inspire You to Step Up Your Makeup Game

Makeup artist Marie Bruce deserves more hype. Based in London, her clients include brands like Kenzo and Opening Ceremony, and as it turns out, she’s also Rita Ora’s go-to makeup artist in the UK. Young and buzzing with creativity, her makeup looks include anything from a touch of color to full-on landscapes, transforming the human face into a canvas.

“I work predominantly within fashion, but also crossover into celebrity and music,” she shared in an interview with Lecture in Progress, describing her work process. “The clients I tend to work for are fashion or art magazines, fashion brands, and musicians. The more high-profile brands and bigger clients naturally develop me as I go and with each job I gain a little more confidence!”

Having studied at the London College of Fashion, Bruce’s job takes her around the world (at least when traveling is permitted), around Europe as well as the US and Asia.

But being a makeup artist for hire, her work is in constant dialogue with designers and fashion magazines. “My work is very collaborative,” she notes, “from the moment you’re asked your availability to contributing to the shoot concept and physically applying the make-up. You’ll be assessing a model’s features, thinking about what may suit them, and how it will fit in with the overall concept. It’s very important to visualize the bigger picture, as you’re working on the finer details.”

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