Makeup and Skin Care Tips for Festival Season

Crowd at Reading Festival, 2017. Photo by INS News Agency Ltd./REX/Shutterstock (9029953p)

If you’re planning to attend any festivals this spring/summer, there are some things you should know about skin care and makeup while you’re there.

Since most of the festivals are held during summer, make sure you’ve packed sunscreen for face and body. Burning in the sun will not only ruin your experience but can also have serious health consequences.

Speaking of skincare, don’t forget to pack your moisturizer. Spending several days in the sun is a certain way to dehydrated skin and fixing it up later is much harder than just making sure you’re hydrated all the time.

It should go without saying – make sure you’re drinking plenty of water! It’s important for your skin and your whole body.

Dust and high temperatures may leave your skin irritated, so bring along several sheet masks you can use in the evening.

As for the makeup, go as minimal as possible. A waterproof mascara, lip balm with SPF, and a subtle bronzer should be enough.