Make Your Life Easier by Letting Siri Do These Things For You

Siri is known as Apple’s digital personal assistant, which is available on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Siri can save you time during everyday situations, and when you get used to it, it’s incredibly useful.

Setting Alarms

You can save a lot of time on this simple task with Siri’s help. Instead of scrolling through the numbers, just say something like, “Hey Siri, wake me up at 7:30 AM” or “Set the alarm for 7 AM.” Siri is also there to turn off all the alarms or wake you up after a certain period of time.

Find a Song

If you are at a restaurant, beauty salon, or in the middle of the traffic jam and you hear a song that you like, but don’t know its title, you don’t need a separate app for that. Just ask Siri “Which song is this?” or “Identify song” and you will get all the information you need right away.

Send Text Messages

Siri is like your little assistant, so instead of typing your texts, she can do it all for you. Just say “Send a text message” and as a response, you will get “Who do you want to send it to?” and “What do you want to say,” – all you have to do is confirm the sending.