You Can Use Tea For Other Purposes Besides Drinking

After water, tea is the most widely used drink in the world. It’s very popular in many countries, especially China, England, Russia, and the Middle East. But did you know tea can be used for many medical and beauty purposes?


If you have trouble with dark circles under your eyes, chamomile is here to rescue you. Make chamomile tea, leave two bags to cool down and keep them on your eyelids for fifteen minutes. Those dark circles will visibly decrease because chamomile will soothe your skin.


Issues with dandruff will easily disappear with this trick. Just make rosemary tea and let it cool down. After washing it with shampoo, rinse off your hair with rosemary tea in the end. Dandruff will vanish with constant use.


Ancient Romans used sage tea to cure sore throats whenever they had problems with cough and tonsillitis. You need to squeeze the sage tea and rinse your mouth in small sips by tilting your head back and rinsing your throat for ten seconds and then spitting it out. This procedure should be repeated until you have consumed the entire dose that you have prepared.