Make the Most of Your Commute With These Tips

It’s pretty stressful to think about how much time we lose on commutes every single day. But instead of feeling bad about it, we can use these commutes to do many productive things and make these hours count. Here are some great ideas on how to use this time.

Educate Yourself

Make the most of your commute by doing things you usually don’t have time for – read a book, listen to new music, your favorite podcast, or an audiobook.

Plan Your Day

Instead of taking a nap on a train, use this time to plan the day ahead of you and set new goals. This way you’ll be ready to start your day when you come to the office and you’ll be more productive.


You can use this time to catch up with an acquaintance or even have a pleasant talk with a stranger. Meeting random people can sometimes really make your day.

Look for Inspiration

Don’t think about your daily commute as a waste of time because you never know what can happen on your way to work. You can find inspiration for a new hobby or many other great ideas by observing landscapes or even people around you.