Make the Best of Your Tiny Closet!

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

If you live in a big city with a small closet or just a small closet in general, filling the space becomes more important and more intentional. If you are struggling with getting rid of clothes or finding out where to store ones that are special but not for every day, follow these tips.

The Hanger Tip

To first assess what you’re really wearing, use this old hanger tip. All you have to do is after you wear something, hang it up on a hanger but face the hanger the opposite direction of your other clothes. This will give you a good visual of what clothes are actually being worn. After a while, you can donate the clothes you aren’t wearing and free up more space!


Keeping your closet organized is vital to utilizing all your clothes. You can either hang up your clothes based on color or even by style so you can have an easy visual of what clothes you actually own.


If you want to have your closet match the seasons, you’ll have to store your clothes for the other parts of the year in some way. You can do this with stylish baskets, large vacuum sealed bags, or even just putting them away in whatever luggage you own.