Make New Friend With These Apps

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We can all remember the good-old-days when making new friends was as easy as sharing our favorite toy with our classmates on the playground or being invited to participate in a study group, but for most of us, those days are long gone.

Friendships are just as important as relationships, so why don’t we put as much effort into finding new friends as we do searching for our next romantic partner? You may be surprised to find out that there are friendship apps (yes they’re similar to dating apps), that can help you expand your friendship network. These apps are free, so get on them and start making dates.


This app matches people based on their interests, so you’re bound to find friends that you’ll have a lot in common with. Just put in your interests like food & drinks, arts, mental health, fitness; there’s a huge list of possibilities.


You can finally connect with your neighbors; how convenient is that? You’ll get all the details about block parties, furniture swaps, or neighborhood safety, all in one app!

Meet My Dog

Who doesn’t love dogs? You can connect to other dog owners, and who knows, your dogs may end up making a friend or two. You’ll never have to walk your dog by yourself again.


Moms need friend too and this app makes it easier than ever for you to find other moms to share parenting advice, play-dates, or just a cup of coffee with. Connecting with other parents is as easy as swiping through profiles on your phone.

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