Luxury Items You Don’t Actually Need

Photo by on Unsplash

When you’re young and ambitious, there are many things you think your life will include once you get successful. Most of them are material possessions that you don’t actually need but that are status symbols in a way—an easy way to show everyone that you achieved what you wanted.

But traditions have been changing for the past couple of years and this year basically pushed them away in most industries. We realize that we can work just as effectively from home and that a suit and a nice pair of shoes don’t equal productivity. With that in mind, here are three things you don’t need if you still want to look nice and professional.


Once the ultimate symbol of elegance and power in women, the legendary Louboutins cost a lot and they’re not the most comfortable shoes you’re going to own. Think about whether the investment is really worth it and only get a pair if that’s what you really want.

Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere is soft and high-quality, but it’s not exactly warm. Cashmere sweaters may look nice but think about their functionality—are they really worth the hefty price tag?

$100 Candles

Who are you really trying to impress with Diptyque and other expensive candles? Don’t fall in the “treat yourself” trap and waste your hard-earned money just because you think it’s something successful people do. There are plenty of nice candles and home fragrances that don’t cost a fortune and your home will always smell amazing.