Looking for a New Hobby? Join Liz Stiglets’ Stitch Club

With time on our hands and traveling next to impossible, Liz Stiglets’ invitation to slow down, get cozy, and get crafty, sounds like a plan! The owner of Cozy Blue, Stiglets provides you with everything you need in order to take on embroidery.

While her Etsy shop sells embroidery patterns and DIY kits, Stiglets also runs her own stitch club where she shares her tips and tricks. “I give notes for each design, including which stitches I used where, so folks can replicate my example photos if they want to—or they can do their own thing,” she relayed in an interview with the Etsy blog.


Each kit includes a pattern that is easy to follow, pre-printed on the fabric itself; as well as fabric, floss, needle, and hoop, which means you’re ready to go. Stiglets also includes a Getting Started Guide, which walks you through setting up your hoop and prepping your embroidery floss.

A self-taught embroiderer herself, Stiglets has a way of breaking down the craft into easy to swallow portions. And with more than 30k fans on Instagram, people are clearly following through. “I encourage you to slow down,” says the master crafter. “Take some time to notice the world around you. Look within and help your mind focus and calm so that you can come from a place of quiet rather than chaos. When your mind is peaceful, your life is richer.”

We’re totally on board!