5 Delicious Substitutes For Graham Cracker Crust

We bet you’ve been doing a lot of baking over the past few months to keep yourself occupied. If you’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ve probably made your fair share of pies. What separates an okay pie from an amazing one, is a homemade crust. Whether you’ve already made a ton of graham cracker crusts and are looking for an alternative or are out of graham crackers, these five substitutions are just as tasty!


These cookies are typically enjoyed around the holiday time and their nutty flavor tastes amazing in apple, pie, pear, and pumpkin pies.


Vanilla Wafer Cookies

This mild cookie tastes great with a ton of different fillings as it won’t overpower the flavor of the filling.

Chocolate Wafer Cookies

If you’re a chocolate lover, you have to try chocolate wafer cookies as your pie crust. They pair so well with raspberry, mint, chocolate, caramel, or butterscotch fillings.

Sandwich Cookies

For a sweeter crust, try sandwich cookies like Oreos. Sandwich cookies pair well with chocolate, fruity fillings, and peanut butter pies.


Crushed Cornflakes

We don’t usually think to put cornflakes as our pie crust, but trust us when we say they work well with tarts.