3 Wrong Lessons You’re Learning from Fashion Influencers

The rise of fashion influencers in the last few years changed the way we dress and approach our personal style. Influencers’ Instagram feeds can be a useful source of fashion inspiration, but there’s a lot of things it’ll be best to understand are not realistic and you may want to avoid. Here are three things you shouldn’t adopt into your life.

Abundance of Clothes

Fashion influencers are mostly wearing a different outfit in every picture, but that’s not the reality for most people. There’s nothing wrong with re-wearing your outfits over and over again because almost everyone else does the same.


Designer Pieces

You shouldn’t feel bad about not being able to afford expensive designer clothes your favorite influencers are wearing. Most of them are earning money from each post, promoting sponsored content, and being sent new clothes for free.


Sustainability Issues

Fashion influencers who advocate true sustainability are extremely rare because they’re usually promoting brand-new collections. Shopping at thrift stores and revamping your old clothes is still totally ok, and if your fashion game is strong you can still look like a million bucks.