Level Up Your Breakfast Game With These Toasts

Photo by Young Shih on Unsplash

First came avocado toast, then came peaches and cream on toast, and now you can basically put anything on your toast and call it a trend. Of course, you will want to make them Instagram-worthy and impress your partner, so here are three toast ideas to make breakfast a little more interesting.

Veggie Toast

On a piece of toast of your choice, spread beetroot hummus, slice up some avocados, and sprinkle feta, pickled onions, and toasted seeds. You’ve got yourself a very healthy meal.

Fruit Toast

If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you. Spread a light layer of butter on the toast, add some cream cheese, baked apples, cinnamon, and a generous drizzle of honey and you have a delicious dessert toast.

Egg in a Hole

Cook this toast, by cutting a hole in a slice of bread and placing it over melted shredded cheese in a nonstick skillet. Once it gets crispy, flip it and add the egg to the hole and some ham. When it’s done, flavor it with salt and pepper and some chopped greens.