Kintsugi Teaches You the Art of Repair

Image by Moychay/Depositphotos

The Japanese art of Kintsugi gives new life to broken objects. By mending broken pieces with precious metal, Kintsugi artists are able to repair broken things and give them a new life, making them even more beautiful than they were before. The philosophy of Kintsugi can easily be translated into our lives as it teaches us to pick up and repair ourselves after we “break”.

Traditionally, kintsugi uses liquid gold or liquid silver to bring together pieces of broken objects. Gold and silver enhance the beauty of each of those objects, sending a message that they are only now achieving their full potential. Each piece is unique and fixed in irregular patterns which only emphasizes its beauty.

Kintsugi is also important for humans. As we don’t typically expect other people to be perfect, we often expect that from ourselves. We’re afraid to show vulnerability, our wounds, and mistakes, but Kintsugi teaches us that those things only make us more beautiful—and ultimately, more human. The ability to heal and grow after suffering something that shouldn’t be hidden; it should be celebrated and covered in gold.

Next time you break something, fix it with the Kintsugi method and display it as a reminder of how beautiful imperfections can be.