Keanu Reeves is the New Face of Saint Laurent and Fans Are Loving It

Saint Laurent has announced that Keanu Reeves will be their face for the Fall/Winter men’s range and apparently fans are loving this news!

The French luxury fashion house shared three new promo photos on their official Instagram account and they already have more than 100,000 likes each.

It’s not surprising, as the actor never looked better. In one of the photos, Reeves is wearing a pin-striped blazer, a black button-up shirt, and fancy sunglasses. In others, he’s wearing a leather jacket and glances at us with a mysterious look.

These powerful black and white images were shot by David Sims.

Reeves is known among his fans as an introvert, humble person, which is probably the reason why he’s one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. It seems that the news was unveiled at the perfect moment, as the actor is promoting his third ‘John Wick’ movie right now.

Taka loot these promo photos as we’re waiting for the new collection to be unveiled.