Gorgeous Cornrow Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try

Cornrow hairstyles are so popular at the moment. It is really hard to scroll on Instagram without seeing many gorgeous looks that feature these braids. These 5 examples below can be your inspiration to do a big summer change with your hairdo.

A Fabulous Pony

This is one of the most common cornrow hairstyles, but also a very impactful as well. Find an experienced braider and choose the size of braids that you like. You can opt for one size, or get creative by mixing small and big braids.

Major Braids

Cornrow hairstyles don’t have to be all about tiny braids. Instead, you can try out huge braids and still be fabulous.

Get Into Colors

Getting cornrows means that you can also try out different colors and accessories. This is your best chance to have a hair color that you’ve always wished for without dyeing your hair.


High Braided Bun

If you love updos, this braided bun is such a chic hairstyle. Start by picking the size and pattern of braids, and get the rest up in a high updo.

Play With Patterns

The best thing about these braids is that you can experiment with different patterns.