Fix Your Leaking Tap With These Tips

A leaking tap is one of the worst things you can happen to your kitchen. If you are not big on fixing things, you definitely need an easy guide that will help you out. Check out the steps below and you’ll be done in no time.

Turn off the Water

The first step is to turn off the water from the main source. Find it and shut it down completely. Don’t ever work with the water on.

Take It Apart

You will need to remove the screw of the tap, then take the head off. Continue taking it apart and leave the parts on the side. Remove the O-ring, located at the bottom of the tap spout.

Get A New O-Ring

This is usually the part that leads to a leaking tap. By placing a new one you will be taking care of the problem. The two other parts you might want to change are the rubber washer and the ceramic disc.

Put Everything Back Together

The only thing you have left is to put the tap back together. You should put the parts in the order that you’ve taken them out so that you know how to put them back together during the last step.