It Turns Out If You Machine Wash Your Jeans You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

So we just found out that we’re not supposed to wash our Levis jeans and we are kind of grossed out but also kind of curious.

The CEO of Levis has revealed that he has not once washed his denim jeans in the ten years that he has worn them. According to the Levis champ, washing your jeans wears the material and cleaning up stains or a hand wash will be suffice.

“If you talk to real denim aficionados, they will all agree you should never put your jeans in the wash,” denim expert Chip Bergh told CNN. “I spot clean my jeans when they need to be washed. Worst case, I hand wash my jeans. And I do it myself. I mean I love my jeans, and I take good care of them.”

We also found out that leaving your jeans in the sun for the day is even more effective for killing germs than a hot wash. So maybe not washing jeans is not as gross as we first thought? It’s definitely better for the environment and if the material lasts longer, that’s a bonus too.