Katy Bellote’s Podcast “Thick and Thin” is Slaying It

We live in the age of podcasts: people listen to them everywhere. They’re a great alternative to music and they stimulate your thoughts while on the way to work. It’s also a great way to receive your daily dose of news in audio form.

Thick and Thin is the podcast for the busy millennial woman. Katy talks about her musings on being a 20 something woman in bustling New York. Her podcasts will get your mind racing and even help you keep charged throughout the entire day.

She Keeps It Real

Katy talks to her podcast like a girl would write in her diary: raw, unfiltered, and honest. Her real-life stories are relatable and sometimes hilarious enough to make you choke on your glass of water.

The Millenials Woman’s Voice

She spills the tea on the nitty-gritty facts about being a woman: the woes of paying rent, meeting a partner, and love. If you’re looking for a podcast with some spice, Thick and Thin is a tasty podcast to add to your tray of audio tracks.



Just like listening to Lizzo will make you want to flip your hair and dance in your pajamas – Katy’s words are electric. Listen to her stories with your best friend and you’ll have a bumping afternoon of tears and laughs.