Citrus Trees Are Becoming a Major Trend in Home Decor

If you’re into gardening and you’re thinking about bringing new plants into your home, you might want to consider following one of the latest home decor trends. Citrus trees are becoming a really big thing when it comes to interior decoration and the reason for that is pretty obvious.

Their attractive and exotic look, vibrant colors, and the fact that they’re pretty easy to take care of makes citrus trees one of the most desirable plants right now.

“Citrus trees are a poppy, fun addition to a room… especially those with a more neutral, tonal color palette. They introduce another color into a room, beyond just the greenery of traditional house plants,” Cortney Bishop, principal designer and owner of Cortney Bishop Design, told The Zoe Report.

From lemon to grapefruit or orange to kumquat tree, you have many options to choose from. However, before you decide to get one of them, you should learn how to properly grow this plant.

First, consider the climate and the place where you’d like to keep your citrus tree. They usually like a lot of direct sunlight and that’s why it’s best to keep them near a window or on the balcony. There are also dwarf citrus trees that can grow between four to ten feet tall and can easily be kept indoors.