Jessica Alba’s Mascara Application Trick

Jessica Alba. Photo by Shutterstock (10299882k)

Just like many other celebrities, Jessica Alba has spent years on makeup chairs and working on her own cosmetics brand. She picked up some makeup tricks in the process, but her favorite one comes from her mother and it’s about applying mascara.

In a new video for British Vogue, the actress explains that she remembers how she watched her mother applying mascara when she was little and that she still uses a makeup application trick she picked up back then. In a five-minute video, which you can watch below, we see Alba applying mascara primer before going for mascara. “I always use primer, and I like to just blink,” she says. “It gets the product all the way from the base of the lash to the ends.” How amazing is that?

Alba lets her primer dry before applying actual mascara. “Mascara is the most important because, at the end of the day, when you’re talking to people, I’m looking at your eyes,” Alba explains. “So I think this is where you should spend a good amount of time, even if you don’t spend too much time on anything else.”