3 Simple Ways to Fake Natural Light in the Kitchen

A home is never complete without good lighting and this is true for every room. While natural light is often the best option, sometimes you just don’t have it in a certain room. Here’s what to do if you lack natural light in your kitchen.


Hang Mirrors

If you have room across from where there is a window, you can hang a big mirror there. You’ll essentially be doubling the light that gets in. If you don’t have enough room to hang a mirror, you can buy furniture pieces with mirrored surfaces that will do the job.

Go With Light Colors

A black kitchen may look chic, but it’s not a good solution for smaller spaces without natural light. Stick with white or beige walls and surfaces in light colors.


Smart Lighting

Invest in lightbulbs that simulate daylight and make the most out of the light fixtures that are available in your kitchen.

Bonus: Add plants if you want your kitchen to look more relaxing and natural, but choose those that don’t require plenty of sunshine to thrive.