Jessica Alba Shares How “Honest Beauty” Differs From Big Luxury Brands

Jessica Alba. Photo by Shutterstock (10299882k)

Jessica Alba is among the artists and filmstars who have released their own lineup makeup. Alba’s range is called “Honest Beauty” and it’s all about creating long-lasting makeup that uses natural ingredients. The brand claims to stay on the “clean side of glam” and all of her products are 100% vegan.

The beauty market has been oversaturated for a while now and yet Alba believes there is room for her accessible, clean beauty brand. She has revealed that Honest Beauty puts the wellness of the consumer first as this is what she cares about the most.

“Consumers want something that’s cool and like them — youthful and current — and so I needed to compete with the big luxury brands,” Alba told Glamour. “But the health and wellness of the consumer isn’t the reason why [these companies] exist. Profit margins and coolness and building a business and having an idea? Great. But the health and wellness of the consumers is the only thing I care about.”

She added: “This was a social justice mission and I was like, ‘Do I ask the same five rich people for money every year or can I build a sustainable business around this idea and have the consumers fund this mission?’ And that’s what I’ve done.”

You can shop the Honest Beauty collection here.