McDonald’s Has Finally Launched A Plant-Based Burger For Vegans

McDonald’s has announced that for the first time ever, they will be launching a plant-based meat-free burger.

For as long as we can remember, Burger King and McDonald’s have been in competition. When McDonald’s launched their all-day breakfast menu, Burger King kicked back with the “Impossible Burger.” In case you haven’t tried it, this is a vegetarian, plant-based patty which takes practically indistinguishable from meat.

Now, McDonald’s have reclaimed the court with the launch of its own meat-free burger. The patty has been created by P.L.T. (Plant, Lettuce, Tomato), who created the “Beyond Meat” patty. The patty cooks like beef and being plant-based, it is free from soy and gluten as well as meat.

The new burger is set to do a test trial in Canada. If it proves popular, the meat-free burger will be made available in other McDonald’s stores worldwide. The burger will retail for around $4.50 USD and will be sold for 12 weeks in Canada starting this week.

So if you are a fast-food lover living in Canada right now, it’s over to you.