Cut Out These Trends From Your Wedding and Save Yourself Time and Money!

Weddings are really hard to plan and they can cost a lot of money. With more and more wedding trends coming up, it definitely doesn’t make your life any easier, so think about maybe saving yourself time and money and opt-out of these trends.


Hashtags might be a cool thing for now, but eventually, they will fade into the past just like any other social media trend. Instead of wasting time and energy on coming up with a clever hashtag, if you really want to see all your friend’s photos from your wedding, just ask them to email or text them to you.

Bridal Shower

A big reason why people want to have a bridal shower is to get more gifts from their registry. But, this can be a little unfair to your guests who are also going to give you a present on your actual wedding day. Not only that, but planning a shower takes a lot of time and money, so save your energy for the actual big day.

Engagement Photos

Engagement photos have been super trendy lately, but getting a photographer to do a photoshoot, sometimes even driving to a different city to do it, can definitely start to get expensive. You should absolutely have a wedding photographer on the actual day, but opt out of engagement photos.