Japanese Snack Company to Make Individually Wrapped “Mayonnaise Slices”

Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Whether you put mayo on everything or the very thought of it makes you cringe, this “sheet-like condiment” is sure to make heads turn.

On February 20, Bourbon, a Japanese snack company, announced that their “Mayonnaise Sheets” will hit the shelves on March 2. This shocking news sparked mixed reactions all over social media.

Some people are still on the fence about this idea. “Japan has sliced mayonnaise. I am both grossed out and intrigued,” wrote a Twitter user. 

Others are just flat-out disgusted, adding hashtags such as #nothankyou and #pass to their posts about the product. 

Despite the controversy, some readers can’t wait to test out the slices. A twitter user asked, “Can I do a Kickstarter just to get me as much of this as I can?” 

A few years ago, the same company introduced similar sheets of chocolate ganache, a more reasonable condiment. Although that product didn’t exactly win the hearts of the Japanese people, they hope the mayonnaise sheets will be more successful as a way to introduce consumers to “simple cooking.” The company will release two types of mayo slices: tuna mayonnaise and mayonnaise with mentaiko – a type of spicy fish egg.