It’s Time to Break These Bad Cooking Habits!

A lot of us have our own methods of handling food and everything else in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean that we’re doing everything right! Read on to learn about some bad cooking habits, which you should break as soon as possible.

You Don’t Heat-Up the Pan

Adequate heat is important when you’re trying to cook using a pan. This will help bring out more complex flavors when searing meat. Also, without enough heat, sautéed foods won’t have enough color, flavor, or texture. So it’s better to allow more time for your pan to heat up before you start cooking with it.

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You Don’t Add Enough Salt

Of course, you mustn’t overdo the salt when it comes to cooking. In fact, it’s easier to keep on adding salt, but nearly impossible to take it out. Unfortunately, because of this, a lot of us end up under-seasoning because we’re afraid of adding too much. The best way to remedy the situation is to keep tasting the dish as you’re cooking it.

You Don’t Read or Follow the Recipe

This is a common cooking habit which leads to a lot of wasted dishes. If you’re trying out a new recipe, read everything first from the ingredients to the procedures. Do this so you know exactly how to approach the cooking.