IKEA Will Soon Offer a Plant-Based Version of Its Famous Meatballs

IKEA is known for its great and affordable furniture and home decor items, but many customers would agree that their favorite thing in the whole store is the Swedish meatballs served in their restaurant. No IKEA shopping is complete without getting some delicious food when you’re done. According to Real Simple, IKEA’s health and sustainability manager Sharla Halvorson said that the company sells over a billion meatballs every year.

That’s a lot of meat! In order to find a more sustainable way to provide their customers with well-known meatballs, IKEA will soon introduce Plant Ball, their plant-based alternative.

In a recent announcement, the company stated that the vegan alternative to the meatballs will actually taste like meat and won’t compromise taste or texture. They make them using yellow pea protein, oats, onions, apples, and potatoes.


“Imagine if we could get some of our many meatball lovers to choose the plant ball instead,” Halvorson said. “If we were to convert about 20 percent of our meatball sales to plant balls, that would mean around 8 percent reduction of our climate footprint for the food business at IKEA.”

We can’t wait to try them!