Have You Heard of Smart Mirrors?

Mirrors are a home decor and beauty must-have as they open up living spaces, making them appear larger and they help us get ready in the morning. Smart mirrors can do so much more—they give skincare advice and they allow for personal training sessions. At first, they just displayed the weather, stocks, news, headlines, social media, and emails, but now they use cameras and artificial intelligence. They’re pretty much just normal mirrors that have a computer or tablet and a touch screen or voice interface added to the surface. Keep reading to find out more about the uses of smart mirrors.


Smart mirrors give fitness instruction from professionals, they can be linked with an application on your phone, and they provide motivation and feedback during live workouts.


These mirrors have LED illuminated light as well as defogging and anti-fogging technology. They can also display the weather forecast.



This mirror may be small, but it does everything from analyzing your skin to recommending products based on what it sees.



Some of the smart mirrors come with voice-activating technology to allow for hands-free lighting control. They also have a motion-sensing night light that brightens when you get closer.