If You’re Young and Want to Buy Art, Here’s What You Need to Know

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

Your 20s are the time to move into your first proper home, either alone, with a friend, or a significant other. After the first few months of setting everything up, you may notice that something important is missing in order for you to feel at home and that something is often some art on the walls.

Art doesn’t have to be crazy expensive but the effect it will have on the atmosphere in your home is huge. Here are some tips for first-time art buyers that will help you ease into it.

Do Your Research

Today it’s easier than ever to do the research online even if you’re not really an art history major. You can also quickly learn about the best ways to arrange the art on your walls.


Consider Small Artists

Etsy and similar sites are great for online shopping and supporting small artists who often produce amazing artwork.


Print Your Own Artwork

If you’re into photography, don’t be afraid to proudly display your own work in your place! It’s an original and courageous thing to do.

Don’t Buy Too Big

You might not think about it in advance, but chances are you’re gonna have to move again and again in the near future, so big canvases aren’t the most practical thing to have right now.