If You Want a Painting of Your Pet on Your Mug, This Artist Will Make it Happen!

Each pet owner thinks their kitty or puppy is the most adorable one in the whole world, and one Slovenian artist came up with a pretty creative way to celebrate their cuteness. She enjoys transforming coffee mugs into beautiful works of art by decorating them with whimsical paintings of animals.


Polona aka she_wolf_ka started exploring her passion for mug-art by painting landscapes, forests, and meadows with moons and stars. She switched to painting animals after losing her beloved squirrel and used coffee mug-painting as a unique memorial to her pet.

“I hand painted her and her sisters sitting between plants and pine trees in the night scene with full moon and starry sky. Looking at their cute little faces every day while drinking coffee kind of helped me to heal my heart,” explained Polona while discussing her craft with Bored Panda.


the super-talented artist decided to share her talent with the world, because she felt her mugs would make a wonderful gift for any pet owner. We totally agree with her – and you probably will, as well, after seeing some more of her work.