A Pouf Can Change a Room in More Ways Than One

Poufs have been around for a while, but they’ve gotten to be super popular lately. If you’ve ever been to Morocco or the Middle East, you might have seen them in markets, and you can easily buy them un-stuffed and then take them home and fill them up. Poufs are a great addition to a room for so many reasons, and whether you buy one locally or during your travels, they can really save a room.


Poufs are first and foremost for seating and are used traditionally around the world instead of chairs. Having a pouf can turn any space into a more comfortable and open room by providing more seating options for you and guests.



Since the whole idea is that you’re supposed to stuff a pouf with something comfy so you can sit on it easily, there is a perfect opportunity to use a pouf as a storage unit instead of just another seating option. Whether it’s in the living, playroom, or nursery, you can stuff the pouf with throw blankets, stuffed animals, or anything else soft so that it’s stored away and actually becomes useful!


A pouf can give any room a really cool and colorful accent that doesn’t require any painting or hard DIY projects.