Get Inspired by These Cool Cat Tattoo Ideas

Do you want to pay tribute to your furry feline friend? There are so many options to chose from. We found the coolest cat tattoos on Instagram purrfect for every cat lover.

Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are super trendy right now. These tattoos can be elegant and they are easy to hide if you want to.

Sleeping Kitty

Cats love taking cat-naps. What better way to pay tribute to your best friend, than by capturing him in his natural state: sleeping.

Bold Floral Tattoo

For those of you who like being a bit bolder, these colorful designs are great options. You can have lots of detail or you can choose to fill the outline with floral motifs.

Outline Tattoo

This is a more minimal option. It can be super simple, but unbelievably cute.

Cat Portrait

If you want a more realistic image of your cat, consider getting your kitty’s portrait inked on you. It’s super unique and it can be very subtle.