How to Still Have an Amazing Summer During the Pandemic

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

The past couple of months haven’t been what we expected 2020 to turn out to be and this summer things are panning out to be more of the same. With many of our vacation plans canceled, it’s hard to feel like it’s summer. Unfortunately, this is the situation we find ourselves in and the best we can do is make the most of it before our summer is over. Here are some ways to still enjoy the warmer months.

Travel in Your Hometown

With international borders closed, it doesn’t mean you still can’t travel. Instead, explore your home town and what makes it so unique. You’ve probably taken for granted all the interesting things your town has to offer.

Spend Time Outside

During the summer we tend to spend lots of time outside, so use your backyard for outdoor adventures like water slides and sprinklers. Try having a picnic or setting up a tent.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Summer is all about ice cream, so get creative and make your own or try a bunch of different brands until you find your favorite flavor. You can always head with your family to your local ice cream shop and support a small business while you’re at it.

Learn a New Hobby

Use your time inside to learn a new instrument, start a thousand-piece puzzle, or read a new book.