Your Dogs Will Stay Cool All Summer With These Homemade Treats

It’s not just us that needs to cool down during the summer, our pets also need to stay hydrated. Pets can overheat very easily because they are covered in fur and it’s best to keep your pets inside when it’s hot outside and to have water available to them at all times. You can even give your dog these special frozen treats to keep them cool.

Flavored Ice Cubes

All you need for this treat is chicken or beef stock. Just freeze the stock in an ice cube or make fruity pops by diluting fruit juice.

Fruity Ice Cream

Don’t feed your dog regular ice cream as it’s high in sugar and contains dairy. Instead use fresh, plain yogurt, banana, and creamy peanut butter, to create sorbet-style treats. You can also mix pureed melon with plain yogurt for another simple, frozen treat.

Frozen Watermelon Chunks

Watermelon has tons of water in it which will keep your pet hydrated. Make sure you get rid of the rind and seeds before feeding it to your dog.

Frozen Kong Balls

Stuff your pet’s favorite toy with something delicious like yogurt, mashed banana, or canned pumpkin and then freezing it. Your dog will be entertained for hours!