Our Top Picks From the Luxury Home Brand, L’Objet

L’objet boasts an extensive catalog of luxurious home decor. Each piece is unique, charming, and intricately designed to add a splash of decadence to your dinner table.

Here are six pieces that bring a touch of something special to any home.

Fantasy Pots

How lovely are these adorable fantasy pots? The detailing on the gold-studded plate is stunning and the little creatures are begging to be filled with treats.

Eye Candy

The cool and warm tones are delightful. We love the quirky eye staring up at you when you’ve finished your snack.


Textured Vases

One of these vases would suffice but together, they are divine. These make the perfect gift for stylish homemakers.

Luxury Gaming

A chess board can make the perfect table piece. This gorgeous gold-embelished board from L’objet is the height of luxury.

The Malachite Collection

Malachite is the stunning green stone with an emerald hue. If green is your favorite color, you’ll love this tea set from L’objet.

Little Gremlin Bowl

After falling in love with the L’objet fantasy collection, we can’t imagine keeping our sweets anywhere else. Who’d have though home decor could be luxurious and adorable?