How to Start Your Own Podcast

Do you love listening to podcasts and dream of starting your own? All you need is the right equipment and streaming platform to start a podcast from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for advice on how to get started we’ve got some tips for you.

Brainstorm Podcast Ideas

Before you start worrying about how to start a podcast, think about what you’d like your show to be about and who you want your target audience to be.

Pick a Format

Some podcasts feature a single host while others are scripted stories or in-depth interviews. If you like to improve and banter, you’ll want a co-host and if you prefer having things planned out or scripted, you might want an audio drama.

Choose Your Tools

You can record your podcast with microphones or through online streaming platforms to make the process easier. For microphones, smartphones microphones or USB mics will have high-quality sound.

Hit Record

In the beginning, don’t worry about the audio quality, just start practicing and with time, you’ll find out what works best. Once you get some feedback, you can start trying new things.

Spread the Word

Don’t be afraid to tell everyone you know about your podcast and to spread the word on your social media accounts.