Rosie’s Sketchbook Will Make You Fall Back in Love with Watercolors

So many of us used watercolor during creative time as children, but can you remember the last time you picked some up again? Rosie’s Sketchbook is here to inspire you to do it again, and rediscover your love for aquarelle.

This hit Instagram page, currently followed by almost 170,000 people, was started by Toronto-based artist Rosa F. She experimented with multiple mediums over the years but eventually discovered that watercolor painting is her true calling.

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Some moody mountain studies.

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Rosie’s paintings are mostly inspired by the beauty of nature, and she enjoys bringing flowers, mountains, and crashing waves to life through her art. Not all of her works can be found inside a sketchbook since she also enjoys using her skin as a canvas.

One of the best things about Rosie’s Sketchbook is that she regularly shares time-lapse videos demonstrating her process. If you’re thinking of giving aquarelle another shot, her videos are an amazing source of inspiration, and you can follow them to create your own paintings.