How to Start Your Day Energized

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Waking up can be tough for some people, but jumping out of your bed as soon as you open your eyes is probably the best way to start a productive day. Not sure how to do this? Here are a few useful tips on how to start your day energized.

Don’t Snooze

Pressing the snooze button is actually a very bad habit that makes it harder for us to wake up in the morning. If you’re having trouble waking up and getting out of bed, try placing the alarm clock far away from the bed so you’ll have to get up as soon as it goes off.


Hydration is very important, especially after a long night of sleep. Drinking one glass of water as soon as you get out of bed in the morning can help your body wake up and you’ll start your day refreshed.


Some studies have shown that waking up to sunlight is much better for us because light tells our brains that it’s time to wake up. Not to mention it’s much more enjoyable to wake up and start your day in a light and inspiring room.


Working out is the best way to boost your energy levels, so it’s always a great idea to start your day with a short run, light exercises or yoga.

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