How To Safely Detangle Your Hair Knots

Detangling hair knots is extremely frustrating, especially if you consider the fact that it can cause a lot of breakage and damage to our hair. Nevertheless, with the right tools and a few simple tricks, you can easily solve this problem.

Use Tools For Detangling

To avoid damage and breakage to your strands, always use tools made for detangling hair. Paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb, for example, are better for your hair and cause less damage than regular combs.

Start From the Ends

Taking your hairbrush straight to the root is one of the most common mistakes we make and the quickest way to damage your hair. Instead, start from the root and work your way up.

Use a Detangling Spray

If your hair is prone to tangling use a detangling spray to make this process easier and prevent hair damage.

Work In Sections

Another trick to safely detangle your hair is to divide hair into small sections and work on one small section at a time.