How to Make the Perfect Omelet

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

A perfect omelet is simply divine. Soft, airy, tasty, and warm. Do you want to know how to make an excellent omelet, in 5 minutes? Here are some tips.

For an airy and fluffy omelet, choose especially fresh eggs, preferably not ones you just took out of the fridge. The eggs should be at room temperature before cooking.

Beat the eggs with a whisk and rich cooking cream so that the omelet will be airy as a souffle.

The perfect omelet is fried with butter or olive oil, on a good non-stick pan over medium heat. Low heat will dry the omelet, and high heat will burn it.

Try avoiding making a “thin” omelet. A great omelet should be rich, thick, and multi-textured. Use at least 3 eggs and a suitable pan (not too big or too small).

The toppings are as important as the eggs. Add top-quality ingredients to your omelet. Great toppings are Swiss cheese or goat cheese, champignon mushrooms sautéed in butter and a little salt, French sausage, or fresh asparagus.

The omelet should be served immediately from the pan to the table. There is nothing more miserable than a chilled omelet.