How to Gift Mindfully This Holiday Season

The season of gift-giving is almost here and if you’ve decided to do it in a more mindful way this year, here are our best tips for you.

Decide Where Your Money Goes

Remember that you have total control over where your money goes and spend it on brands you believe in. These can be locally run shops or anything else that makes you feel like you’re making a difference. Also, there’s no need to spend too much—it’s the thought that counts.

Shop Early

Once you decide to get your seasonal gifts at small businesses, remember that they typically don’t have the same capacity as big chains so shop early before they sell out. Have realistic expectations about shipping and other details and plan to shop ahead of time.

Second-Hand Gifts?

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be new. In fact, when you know a person really well, you can make an effort to thrift a first edition of their favorite book or a vintage fashion piece they will wear for years. Just keep an open mind and have fun shopping!