Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Safely in 2020

This is the year when everything has been different and the same will be true for Thanksgiving, our favorite family holiday. If you’re still not sure how to make it safe for everyone, keep reading.

Let’s focus on the good news first: we still get to celebrate Thanksgiving. Given that so many things have been canceled this year, we have to celebrate the small victories, right? The bad news is that you won’t be able to have your whole extended family around the table, at least if you want to stay safe. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not recommended to invite people who don’t live with you into your home. Additionally, traveling for Thanksgiving is still a bit challenging and can be risky.

Two options come to mind if you still want to gather dear people on this day: an outdoor celebration or a virtual celebration.

An outdoor Thanksgiving is trickier, but it can still be executed. If the weather allows for it and your family doesn’t have to travel from afar, you can plan a day outside and make sure everyone stays safely distanced from each other.

The other option includes a virtual dinner where you all join in on a Zoom call from your own homes, and even though it may seem weird at first, it may be the best way to relax and actually have fun with your loved ones.