How to Curate a Realistic Makeup Bag for Daily Use

Photo by Liubov Ilchuk on Unsplash

If lockdown is good for anything, it’s for clearing up the space you live in. It’s time to declutter and get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you, and that includes makeup.

Most of us who love doing makeup have more products than we realistically need. Makeup doesn’t spoil quickly, so you probably have items that are several years old in your collection. It adds up quickly but all that clutter just makes it more difficult to decide what to use in the morning. Try curating a perfect makeup bag for daily use with our tips.


Your color preferences are changing over time. If you don’t wear bright pink and berry lipsticks anymore, maybe it’s best to get rid of them. Only keep those that you truly love and want to use up.

Expiry Date

Obviously, toss all the expired makeup. You don’t want to risk any infections on your face or in the eyes, right? Makeup products normally have a shelf life written on the package and you count from the date when you first opened them.

Depot Palettes

Chances are you have several eyeshadow palettes from which you only use a few colors. You don’t have to keep all of them! Take out the colors you love and combine them into a new palette that will contain all your favorites in one place.