Kim Jones On His Collaboration With Amoako Boafo For Dior Men SS21

Kim Jones has shared his experience collaborating with the brilliant Amoako Boafo for Dior Men SS21.

Amoako Baofo is the first artist-in-residence at Miami’s Rubell Museum. The Ghanaian painter creates textural portraits of Black subjects, offering a unique perspective of the Black gaze. His collection “drowns the viewer in the shimmering light of the Black gaze, which we so rarely see in fashion or the art world.” 

Dior’s artistic director Kim Jones recently collaborated with Baofo for his pre-fall Dior Men collection.

“I knew Amoako’s work, but I hadn’t seen it in real life before,” Jones told Vogue. “And when I did, I could just see it turning into things in front of my eyes.”

The collection features prints and textiles from Boafo’s paintings. They have been transferred to embroidered shirts and textured knitwear. Seeing the collection worn is like watching art in motion. It is a celebration of Dior’s international brand and culture.

“It was the time for me to celebrate an African artist like we have American artists, or Japanese artists,” Jones explained. “And Dior is a truly global brand. I wondered, what would Mr Dior be looking at now?”

You can view the collection on the Dior website.