How to Cope With Quarantine Fatigue

Quarantine fatigue is real and many of us around the world are experiencing it. It’s characterized by feeling isolated, social disconnected, and missing your routine. There are physical symptoms like fatigue, loss of energy, and sleep disturbances as well as emotional symptoms like anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, and irritability. So, how can you overcome quarantine fatigue?

Start With the Basics

The best place to start is by eating clean, staying hydrated, and finding ways to connect with your friends and family. Getting more fresh air and redirecting your thoughts are also ways to deal with quarantine fatigue.

Talk About It

Just saying your inner thoughts and feelings out loud can make you feel better and it may help you find a solution to your problems. This includes talking to friends, family, or professionals.

Unplug From Social Media & the News

Not much positive news is happening across the world right now and it’s important to limit your exposure to social media, even if it’s just for a couple of hours in the day.

Create a Routine

Since the coronavirus, you’ve probably lost a sense of routine. Try and structure your days by waking up a reasonable time and eating breakfast. Make sure you go to bed not too late.

Breathwork and Meditation

Deep breathing and meditation are super relaxing and they can help you deal with stress and fatigue. Plus you can practice them just about anywhere.

Find a Purpose

Now’s the time to try things you haven’t had time to do in the past. This can include learning a new instrument, taking an online art class, or trying a new recipe.