How to Break Your Phone Addiction

You can be sure that you’re addicted to your phone if you’re constantly checking it, using it while you’re with your friends, or falling asleep with it. Getting rid of this unhealthy habit is not easy, but if you follow these three steps you’ll be able to in no time.

Deal With Distracting Apps

If you notice that you’re spending way too much time using specific apps (Instagram, for example), the best way to limit this time is to take these apps off your home screen. Once you realize that it’s complicated to open these apps, you’ll probably stop checking them unconsciously all the time. The other way to deal with this problem is to delete them for a while and the constant need to check your notifications will eventually stop.

Don’t Bring Your Phone to Bed

A lot of people have an unhealthy habit of sleeping with their phone right next to their pillow. Using your phone before you go to bed will disrupt your sleeping habits and you’ll have a hard time falling asleep. That’s why it’s best to stop using your phone at least a half an hour before you go to bed and to leave it out of reach once you do. That’s the only way of breaking the habit of checking it all night long.

Turn Off Notifications

In this day and age, notifications from our phones and laptops are probably our biggest enemies. Whether we’re working or enjoying our free time by reading a book, our thought and actions are constantly interrupted by annoying notifications from Instagram, Facebook, and emails.

In your phone’s settings you can choose what notifications you’d like to receive and it should probably be only the most important ones like your email and messages.