How to Achieve Thick, Natural-Looking Eyebrows

Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Some beauty trends, such as bright lipsticks in unusual colors, we’d try without a second thought. Others, such as thick, statement eyebrows, we’re much more hesitant about. One of the reasons for having second thoughts about thick eyebrows may be that they are kinda permanent (like microblading) or take a long time to achieve (like growing them out). But having full, natural eyebrows is not as difficult as it sounds and you can achieve it with these simple tips.

Don’t Use Magnifying Mirror

When plucking the excess hairs from your eyebrows, don’t use the magnifying mirror. It might trick you into plucking more than you’d want.

Shape is Everything

You need to find the perfect shape for your face – each of us is unique. If that seems like a difficult thing to do yourself, consult a friend or a beautician.


When filling the eyebrows, make sure your moves are gentle and natural. Take a brush and your favorite brow gel and follow the natural direction of hair growth, filling the brows in one hair at a time.

You’ll have a perfect result in no time!