5 Food Trends to Spice Up Your Instagram

Image via vivelatarte/Instagram

Looking for the perfect dish to get your Instagram followers drooling enviously? Here are five food trends to keep you ahead of the game.

Quinoa’s out, farro’s in

It seems that everyone jumped on the quinoa bandwagon sooner or later. The next big grain is farro, a whole grain with a nutty flavor and chewy texture. It can be eaten with salad, in soup or used as a rice or quinoa replacement.


It’s all about charcoal

The black colored food trend this year is by no means over. If you’re all about that gothic vibe and don’t feel like drenching your pasta in squid ink, charcoal is the new way to goth up your dish. Just watch out not to overdo it!

The Tacro

It’s part-taco, part-croissant and it’s San Francisco’s new, wild creation. Jimmy Houghton, the creative director of the bakery that started the trend said: “We took our regular croissant dough that we make and we tried to fill it with pulled pork or with chicken, and we found that the flavors didn’t combine well. The pastry was way too rich, way too buttery, way too sweet,” Houghton explained “We went back to the drawing board and we said it needs to be saltier, needs to be a bit more savory.”

And that’s how the tacro was born.



The world’s most Instagramable coffee right now is a late in an icecream cone. It’s delicious, visually adorable and you can eat the cup after.


Pollen is the bee’s knees

Bee pollen is rich in vitamins and minerals and is now being used as a garnish for everything from ice cream to avocado on toast.