Highlights from the 2018 Warsaw Gallery Weekend

The eighth annual edition of Poland’s premier contemporary art event saw 29 galleries participate in the huge event. Here are some of the exhibition highlights.

Paweł Althamer’s White Ox

Paweł Althamer’s dream-inspired white ox is crafted from plaster, metal, and actual animal bones. The sculpture stands out as instead of being accompanied with a threatening “DO NOT TOUCH” sign, it instead invites visitors to mount the ox and become part of the exhibit.

Through the ceiling

This exhibit is also interactive, allowing audiences to step inside the artwork to become part of the art itself.

“To Give, to Take Back, to Leave a Sense of Lack”

Gizela Mickiewicz uses everyday objects to portray internal conflict. She deliberately includes errors and defects in her work and sources materials outside the gallery space, creating unique and spectacular sculptures.


Michał Martychowiec

The artist has chosen panda as the core symbol of his exhibition. His message is that the only thing art has left is symbols.